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October 2023

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    Team Updates


    is moving to part time accounting work & will be working various nights and weekends.

    We are thrilled to have Claudia remain part of the ARCC Team and appreciate the additional help.

    Our office hours are remaining the same, so the rest of the full time team members are avaiable during office hours.


    has moved to the accounting department! She will be working closely with Pam & Trak and is looking forward to growing in her career with ARCC.

    She'll still be helping with payroll (behind the scenes) and a strong go to person for tax process support for our new team members.

    New Team Members -Growth!

    We are excited to bring on additional team members to help provide a faster response time to our valued clients!

    Bailey is our new payroll specialist admin. She'll also be helping with other admin duties (including tax customer support). Her outgoing personality is contagious.

    Meg is an additional tax preparer and tax admin support. She will be more behind the scenes, but still very much a part of the team.

    We are currently interviewing to bring on an additional admin who will be our invoicing specialist and tax customer support.

    Our future plans will be to have a full time in office office coordinator who will be our in office support for clients who come to our Lake Forest office, as well as helping to answer phones and schedule meetings.

    Nilima & Alby

    are entering their second year with ARCC preparing tax returns. They both have tremendously grown since last season (always hard to learn a new company’s expectations along with more complex returns). We’re proud of their growth and commitment.


    has been with the company for four years, going on five. She is still providing guidance to all team members (mainly behind the scenes). She has been handling all the informational meetings for prospective accounting and payroll clients and enjoying getting to know clients and watching them grow and utilize ARCC services to reach their maximum potential. She might be behind the scenes, like The Great Gatsby, but she is always informed of your accounts and what is going on within the company.


    is enjoying have streamline processes throughout and a dedicated full-time team. It’s been a huge relief for him to have a team he can trust and depend on. Knowing that team members are following the ARCC way gives him great pride and reassurance that all ARCC clients are being cared for. He feels good knowing that ARCC clients and team members are happy. He also likes having two full time EAs and one long term seasonal team member, so he can focus on reviews for all tax clients (this is true passion).

    Tax Clients

    For Company Tax Return Clients

    This season, we have already pre-assigned your business return to the same tax preparer you had last season, as well as your individual return. This will greatly expedite your tax return process for company tax return(s) AND individual tax return.

    For Individual Tax Clients

    Because of the above, this frees up an exponential amount of time for our administrative, allowing them to be more efficient in response time to your inquiries and tax return process throughout that season.

    Accounting & Tax Clients

    New Process

    We are moving to a one-stop information center for our accounting and tax clients. We do this for our payroll clients, and it has been a great success over the years. A few accounting clients were kind enough to test out our updated process with us and absolutely LOVED it. We’re excited to launch this creating one informational area for you and us.

    Email Reminders

    We’re moving away from sending email reminders and putting all reminders on our website and social media. You’ll still receive some emails however, they will be short and referring you to your google sheet link to access your accounting, payroll, and/or tax information center.


    ARCC 10 Years of Business

    Since ARCC is in its 10th year of business, it was time to give the company an update! We created a new website, new logo, and started utilizing our social media accounts (mainly Facebook, Instagram, and Google) for reminders, and an opportunity for you to get to know the ARCC team on a more personal level. Hopefully you will participate in our social media posts and visit our website often. At some point, we would like to bring back our blog and/or helpful YouTube videos.

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