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October 2023

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     General Reminders

    Email Reminders

    We’re moving away from sending email reminders and putting all reminders on our website and social media. You’ll still receive some emails however, they will be short and referring you to your google sheet link to access your accounting, payroll, and/or tax information center.

    General Reminders

    How to Open a Secure Email

    1. Select READ MESSAGE (it’s in a blue box)
    2. Select ONE TIME PASS-CODE (this gets sent to your email)
    3. When you enter in the pass-code, if you’re on a private computer, click that option so message can be accessed for next 12 hours WITHOUT pass-code. If 12 hours expires OR you are on a public computer, just select pass-code option again.
    4. DOWNLOAD (small arrow to the right of attachment)
    5. Open attachment that downloads at the bottom left of your screen
    6. ENABLE Edits
    7. SAVE AS (save to your computer)

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