October 2023

Non-For-Profit (NFP) - Reminder Index

     NFP Updates

    Email Reminders

    We’re moving away from sending email reminders and putting all reminders on our website and social media. You’ll still receive some emails however, they will be short and referring you to your google sheet link to access your accounting, payroll, and/or tax information center.

    NFP Reminders

    Non-For-Profit (NFP): Let’s get ready for Tax Season!

    If you are a Non-For Profit (NFP), your fiscal years vary.

    • Tax deadline is five months after your fiscal year ends.  

    • Extensions are 6 months from the original due date.

    • If you’re an ARCC Consulting Accounting Client, your Accountant will have a meeting with one of our tax preparers to discuss your financials and/or payroll summary information.
      Your ARCC Accountant will be your guide/liaison during tax season (they’ll take you every step of the way and provide you with reminders).

    • If you are not an ARCC Consulting client, please use the tax portal to provide your financials and/or payroll summary information.
      We do not provide financial templates for NFPS due to the government rules and regulations for expense tracking categories, grant tracking, and payroll tracking. 

    Your favorite part of the Season: DISCOUNT!

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      This season, if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll receive another 5% off your total invoice!

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    • If you refer another business to us, and we prepare their business return, we will provide an additional 10% off your total invoice as a thank you!

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