October 2023

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    Payroll Updates

    Email Reminders

    We’re moving away from sending email reminders and putting all reminders on our website and social media. You’ll still receive some emails however, they will be short and referring you to your google sheet link to access your accounting, payroll, and/or tax information center.

    Payroll Reminders


    This is a gentle reminder that IL Secure Choice Program Enforcement is underway. 

    Please review guidelines at the following web addresses:

    If you have questions, please directly contact IL Secure Choice: 855-650-6913

    Happy Holidays

    Your favorite part of the season: DISCOUNTS!

    We are looking forward to working with you in 2024!

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    • Military and First Responders get 10% discount on your total invoice with valid identification.

    • If you refer another business to us, and we prepare their business return, we will provide an additional 10% off your total invoice as a thank you!

    Illinois (IL) Paid Time Off (PTO) Law

    Beginning January 1, 2024.

    The below information is up to date as of 8/30/23.

    It is your responsibility to review the websites listed below for any additional updates/amendment to the 820 ILCS 192/Paid Leave for All Workers Act (

    W2s and/or 1099s for 2023

    (Generated in 2024 once the year 2023 closes)

    • We generate W2s with quarterly/yearly payroll returns and work through a checklist, so please be patient as we work through the list.

    • 1099s automatically get sent to your contractors via email (or mail if they did not provide an email address).

      These come directly from

    • We will charge a fee of $25.00 for additional requests to resend W2s and 1099.

      Please make sure to save W2s and/or 1099s to your computer, so you can access them as needed.

    • 1099s go directly to the contractor/email that was provided to ARCC

      • If you receive a 1099 for your contractor, that means you need to provide a copy to your contractor.
      • It is your responsibility to inform your contractors expecting a 1099 that they will be emailed to the email address they provided starting Monday, January 8, 2024.
        • If we do not have an email, they will receive the 1099 by mail.
      • The emails come directly from the software we use to generate 1099s (
    • It is your responsibility to provide ARCC with a W9 by Monday, January 8, 2024 for any additional contractors you may not have provided a W9 for.

    • We can still submit 1099s after January 8, 2024 and there is an additional fee of $25.00 per additional W9 provided.

    • To avoid government penalties all 1099s need to be submitted by January 31, 2024.

    • ARCC will have all 1099s (for W9s we have on file) submitted by January 31, 2024 (if not sooner).

    • Per government rules/regulations, any amount under $600.00, per contractor, for the year of 2023, will not receive a 1099.

    W2/1099 Secure Email Reminder

    W2s for 2023 and 1099s will be sent by Jan 31, 2024 (if not sooner) via secure email.

    Please follow the following directions to access the secure email.

    1. Select READ MESSAGE.
      • (it’s in a blue box)
    2. Select ONE TIME PASS-CODE.
      • (This gets sent to your email)
    3. When you enter in the pass-code, if you’re on a private computer, click that option so message can be accessed for next 12 hours WITHOUT pass-code.
      • If 12 hours expires OR you are on a public computer, just select pass-code option again.
    4. DOWNLOAD.
      • (small arrow to the right of attachment)
    5. Open attachment that downloads at the bottom left of your screen.
    6. ENABLE Edits.
    7. SAVE AS.
      • (save to your computer)

    IDES Rate Determination Letter

    You should have recently received a letter from IDES (Illinois Department of Employment Security) regarding your 2024 Unemployment Rate.

    Please upload this letter to our dropbox as soon as possible so that we can update that information in our system. If you do not upload this letter to us, and your rate has gone up, this could result in an underpayment for your IL Unemployment Insurance and the government will charge you additional fees/penalties.

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